If you've invested in human weft hair extensions, you'll want to keep them in top condition so that they last longer and stay looking great too. Cold winter weather can play havoc with human hair extensions if you don't look after them properly. So, how do you keep your locks in tip top condition through the wet, cold winter months?

Always dry your hair thoroughly before you go out

If you wash your hair first thing in the morning before heading off out to work, always make sure that your extensions are completely dry before you venture out into the cold. If your hair still contains moisture when you expose it to temperatures below freezing, it will freeze, leading to breakage.

The best way of protecting your extensions from damage by freezing temperatures is by washing and drying it the night before, so that you can be sure it's completely dry before you go out.

Wear a hat to protect your extensions on very cold days

Although it's a good idea to wear hats on cold days to keep the heat in and keep you nice and warm, this can cause problems for your hair.

Rough materials like wool can damage the bonding of the extensions, making them prone to coming loose.  Nylon-mix fabrics can cause a build-up of static charge in your hair, leaving the extensions frizzy and prone to tangling.

You can prevent these problems whilst preserving your hair extensions and staying warm by simply wearing a silk headscarf underneath your choice of warm headwear and adding a light application of anti-frizz product too.

Keep your hair extensions well-hydrated

Wintertime also presents problems for your hair when you're indoors. Central heating cranked up to full causes the air in your home to become very dry, dehydrating your hair extensions and causing them to become brittle and prone to breakage.

Ask your hair stylist for advice on the best moisturising products to use with your weft extensions and be sure to apply it to the lengths of your hair to protect it from drying out. When venturing out into the freezing cold air, try applying a leave-in conditioner to the ends of your extensions to protect them while you're outside.

In conclusion

You can help to protect your human hair weft extensions from damage by winter cold and the drying effects of central heating by following the tips given above.